Reviews for Meaningful

“The most important book for your boss to read this year.
Buy it, share it, make it real.”

– Seth Godin  ·  Author, Your Turn

“Empathy, relevance, and affinity — three great concepts to help you make a dent in the universe. Jiwa explains a whole new way to innovate and change the world.”

– Guy Kawasaki

“As marketers our future value and success relies on using our customers as our compass. Through inspiring case studies, learn about the Innovation Trifecta and how affinity that is earned, rather than attention that is bought can power your business growth. Bernadette digs deep to explain why brands that give a damn make a difference and win in terms of profits, people and the planet.”

– Lee Tonitto  ·  CEO, Australian Marketing Institute

“Meaningful is the resource that will guide you through uncovering what drives your customer, seeing the tangible and intangible benefits your brand provides to her, and using that insight to weave her story into your brand's story. The Story Strategy Blueprint literally closes the loop between the customer and the company, building a more meaningful experience for both.”

– Diane Diaz  ·  Instructor of Digital Storytelling and Branding at Full Sail University; Brand Strategist

“This book and the Story Strategy Blueprint are invaluable for anyone who wants to disrupt their industry and to know and genuinely matter to their customers. Bernadette's unique views and teachings will give you the most important, empathetic tools to know the consumer and be a successful storyteller.”

– Antonio Zea  ·  Senior Global Director, Football Footwear, Under Armour

The Story Strategy Course

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